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The study process includes study periods abroad to Kuldīga in Latvia and Rovaniemi in Finland. The study year 2021 / 2022 will be organized mostly on-line, with four on-site weeks (once in two months) during the 1st study year. SDSI locations are ‘safe countries’ characterised by societies striving for social and economic development, wellbeing, and culture.

Through their international offices, partner countries offer well-established networks for finding suitable student accommodations and public transport, with airports nearby. Partner countries are internationally known for the beauty of their natural resources, green forests, and the Baltic Sea, and unlimited options exist for hiking, exploring, finding peace of mind and spending quality time on your studies.

Kuldīga, Latvia

Due to its picturesque and well-preserved medieval cityspace, Kuldīga often serves as a stage for international filmmakers, artists and photographers. Creative ambience is the reason why the fresh, 2021-built SDSI campus building is located here. From Kuldīga, you can access the beach in about 30 minutes, and the widest natural waterfall in Europe on the river Venta is located in the very centre of town. Kuldīga is also known for its potential listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the slow-food culture, and a year-round arts and cultural programme.

Rovaniemi, Finland

The city of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle of Finnish Lapland is known as the official home of Santa Claus. The lure of magical white winters and romantic aurora borealis tempt visitors to experience the stunning views and captivating, mysterious wilderness beyond the city streets. Visitors to the city may have to discover which of the eight seasons of Lapland they will experience and explore upon their stay.

12 Apr 2021